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How to take psyllium husk supplements like Metamucil

Did you know around 70% of Australian’s don’t get enough fibre each day?(1) The daily dietary fibre adequate intake is 25g for women and 30g for men- which sounds like a lot! That’s where fibre supplements can help, and some can provide even more benefits than just increasing your daily fibre intake. The psyllium fibre in Metamucil not only offers a solution to help bridge this fibre gap, but it also provides multi-health benefits when taken daily.

 Psyllium husk – or psyllium fibre – is a water-loving substance within it is the outer layer of the psyllium seeds from the psyllium plant, Plantago ovata, and is considered a valuable source of fibre by Nutrition Australia.(2) It is made of what is referred to as mucilage and is obtained through mechanical milling or grinding to remove the seed’s outer layer, where the fibre is highly concentrated. This psyllium fibre is a non-digestible carbohydrate that can provide several health-related benefits.
Psyllium is best known for its uses in digestive health but can also help provide health benefits such as helping lower cholesterol and helping maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Psyllium fibre is made up of both soluble and insoluble types of fibre though the majority is soluble.

Sure, fibre supplements are a convenient way to increase your daily fibre intake. But what you may not have realized is that not all fibres are the same. Metamucil® is the number 1 fibre supplement brand in Australia (3) with 100% natural psyllium fibre — and that makes a difference.
Psyllium husk, a natural dietary fibre originating from plantago ovata, has been the source of both soluble and insoluble fibre in Metamucil for 80 years. Studies suggest that the psyllium in Metamucil works differently. The psyllium fibre in Metamucil forms a viscous gel that traps some bile acids (made from cholesterol) and gently removes them from your body. This gel also traps some carbohydrates and sugars, allowing them to be more slowly absorbed by the body, thereby helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

When taken daily, Metamucil can provide four main benefits. Research has demonstrated 4 key ways that psyllium can benefit your health. Psyllium can help…

1. Support gut health
Psyllium husk is used to support a healthy gut. Because of its gel forming and water absorbing feature, it adds bulk and softens stool resulting in regular bowel movement to support a healthy gut.

2. Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels
Psyllium husk has been shown to help maintain healthy glucose or blood sugar levels.

3. Support heart health by lowering cholesterol†
Taking psyllium husk with meals is associated with favourable changes in cholesterol levels which helps promote heart health.† Importantly, the cholesterol benefits of psyllium fibre supplementation are observed by lowering of LDL (the “bad” cholesterol) without reducing HDL (the “good” cholesterol). Both men and women with heart health concerns have been shown to experienced LDL-cholesterol reductions when using psyllium husk daily to promote heart health.

4. Daily cleanser for your insides
The gel forming and water absorbing feature of psyllium fibre fibre is the main mechanism for adding bulk and softens stool resulting in a normalized transit time in the large intestine and easier laxation, helping in bowel movement regularity. As it restores and maintains regularity, it keeps the digestive system clean.

Metamucil is the leading fibre supplement brand that contains psyllium fibre. Metamucil’s psyllium fibre products come in powders and capsules. You can select the way to incorporate psyllium fibre into your diet that makes sense for you and your health goals. For example, powders can be mixed into drinks, while capsules & packets are perfect on the go. The powders can also be incorporated into tasty fibre-rich recipes like smoothies, muffins and more. Depending on which benefits you’re looking for will determine which forms of Metamucil are your best option and how often to take it.
Incorporate psyllium fibre supplements into your diet slowly so that you can monitor how the supplements affect you and to give your body time to adjust the fibre. You may experience minor bloating as your body adjusts to more fibre. This is normal and should go away within a few days of starting as your body gets used to the increased fibre.
We recommend you try taking Metamucil’s psyllium fibre daily for two full weeks to make it a daily habit and start feeling lighter and more active.

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¹ Fayet-Moore F, Cassettari T, Tuck K, McConnell A, Petocz P. Dietary Fibre Intake in Australia. Paper I: Associations with Demographic, Socio-Economic, and Anthropometric Factors. Nutrients. 2018 May 11;10(5):599.
² Factsheet by Nutrition Australia Vic Division, October 2014. Reviewed July 2021.
³ Based on total market sales for the MAT to October 2023. Data sourced from Circana MarketEdge based on data definitions provided by Procter & Gamble.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for us. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.

† Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 7 grams of soluble fibre from psyllium husk, as in Meta products, may lower cholesterol levels. Reductions in cholesterol levels may contribute to reducing the risk of heart disease. Consult a doctor if you are planning to take Meta products as part of a cholesterol lowering program.