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Try Metamucil, the #1 selling fibre supplement brand in Australia

Making healthy choices contributes to your overall wellness and a first step to promoting your health is to add fibre to your diet.

Around 70% of Australian’s don’t get enough fibre each day² and getting enough fibre every day is no easy task. On average, it takes 11 apples, 4 cups of carrots, 11 bananas or 7 cups of broccoli to reach the recommended amount of fibre adult Australians should consume each day³.

But there’s an easy solution to fill the fibre gap in most Australian’s diet: fibre supplements. Taking fibre supplements is a convenient way to increase your daily fibre intake, while helping promote your digestive health.

Try Metamucil® to help maintain regularity. Metamucil is the leading fibre supplement brand with 100% natural psyllium fibre and that makes a difference.


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